Life Expectancy

Ellen Parker, John Christopher Jones, CB, Ray Vierta, Arabella Field, Sam Tsoutsouvas.

Where The Truth Lies                          Published by Samuel French:

Joined at the Head

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 Adam Ferrara and Peggy Scott, original production at Abingdon Theatre, NY 

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Three eras in the life of a New York Brownstone

Arabella Field, Sam Tsoutsouvas in the original WPA Theatre New York production

Ellen Parker and Catherine Butterfield in the original Manhattan Theatre Club production

Mandy Levin, Benjamin Matthes, Theatre Tribe, LA

Corrie Vickers, Pete Gardner

​​                  THE SLEEPER

                       (Published by Dramatists Play Service:

                                Winner of Kaufman and Hart Award for Best New Comedy

  A sheltered but unhappy housewife falls in love with her son's tutor..... then begins to suspect he's a terrorist.   

Amy Tribbey and Matthew Walker, Arkansas Repertory

​       Drama Desk nominee, Outstanding New Play

Tisha Terrasini Banker, Derek Manson and Anna Laurie Rives.

Scenes from the original production

Drama Desk Nominee, Best New Play.  Winner of New York Newsday/Oppenheimer award.

"Refreshing talent... In a manner related to Tom Stoppard and John Guare, the work deals enticingly with truth and fiction... a vibrant reflection on life, art and friendship.....a striking accomplishment."   NEW YORK TIMES

“An incontestable achievement,”  

“For the actress and the playwright to be 'Joined at the Head,' as they are in Catherine Butterfield's fine, funny play of that title at the Manhattan Theater Club at City Center is a feat tantamount to splitting one's personality. That Butterfield does it successfully is a tribute to her many talents as a writer and actress.An elegant off-Broadway debut for a fine playwright and actress who is a name to watch for in either capacity.”


Jeff Allyn and Catherine Butterfield,​ Pasadena Playhouse

Deborah Puette and Brian Rohan                                           Kim Shively and Dorothea Harahan                                         Lori Okin and Gino Anthony Pesi                                           

                                                                    Originally produced at the Laguna Playhouse in 2008. 

"Intimate triple two-hander boasts enough intriguing characters and plot twists to satisfy a narrative-hungry audience..." Variety

​"The playwright has an engaging, easy tone, and she's refreshingly frank about the ways women let their desire tie them into knots."  LA TIMES


You never know what goes on inside someone else's marriage.



"A shockingly funny family comedy,"

"Funny, clever, and plays all the right notes." Theater Pizzaz

"Skims along with witty lightness over a thoughtful overtone," Curtain Up

"A goofy burst of fun," Theatre is Easy

Josh Banday, Tisha Terrasini-Banker and Derek Manson

"Not since Steel Magnolias has there been a new comedy as laughable and loveable. The humor swells from smiles to chuckles to guffaws, and sentiment waxes from warm to glowing."  New York Daily News

"What is the playwright's equivalent of the novelist's "unputdownable'- 'ungetupable' perhaps? Butterfield ... deserves some such accolade." -

 New York Post

"A thoughtful, balanced, cleanly structured work. Ms. Butterfield has a gift for clear exposition that many other playwrights would benefit from." -

New York Times

"A richly complex story about what people are willing to live with in marriages that aren't perfect.  Under  Evan Yionoulis' sensitive direction even the children come off as totally believable."

New York Newsday

Arye Gross, director Ron West, Ann Gee Byrd, CB, Ben Schenkman and C.J. Wilson in NY staged reading

"Butterfield does in ninety minutes what it would take many writers a lifetime to do -- peel back the layers of unique individuals to make you understand how they feel."  North Arkansas News

"A prolific writer, Butterfield confidently switches among settings and does frequent about faces in tone. Zippy and hilarious."  LA Times

Robin Rose and Catherine Butterfield,

​Pasadena Playhouse Production.

A couple navigates the maddening waters of their later-in-life pregnancy.  "A laugh out loud hoot!"  Malibu Times

Josh Brolin and Melissa Hurst in the original GeVa Theatre Production, Rochester, NY


(Published by Samuel French:

          Snowing at Delphi

                              (Published by Dramatists Play Service:

Catherine Butterfield, author of the eloquent "Joined at the Head," is a playwright with a near-perfect touch: Her wry reversals of plot and audience expectations deliver compassionate takes on contemporary contradictions and confusions.  "Life in the Trees" is a gem, achingly funny and true. CHICAGO TRIBUNE

"An amusing exegesis of urban angst, "Life in the Trees" places Catherine Butterfield among the premiere ranks of disaffected playwrights whose humor derives from endearingly     neurotic characters ravaged by the killing stress of big city life." LA TIMES

"Butterfield again proves herself a superior playwright, a master of delicious dialogue, with heart beneath the humor."  




 ran in October 2022 at the Open Fist Theatre in Los Angeles then re-opened for an extended run in March 2023 at the Theatre 68 Arts Complex in No. Hollywood. Soon to be published by Broadway Licensing. 

"A gem.... an explosion of humor, poignancy, twists and turns performed with heart and skill." -- Colorado Boulevard
"One the year's best plays!" - Stage Scene LA
​"Hilarious and heartwarming!"  Larchmont Buzz
“To The Bone” is a truly excellent play. Funny, suspenseful, gorgeously written and utterly human. The characters ooze charm, all of them so different from each other and yet such a perfect fit. It's an outrageous ensemble. Brilliant and unforgettable and heartbreaking. Go see this play!" NoHo Arts Review