"Life During Lockdown," #57, "FinCOVIDall!"

"Brilliant, as usual.  Stringy, yet vibrant!"   Fred Sanders, astute critic.

" Hey, Lysistrata!"

 "Marjo and Cruella"


Two commissioned works from Interact Theatre Company​,  Los Angeles, CA

Episode #30, "Searching for Greta"

#44, "The Rise of Stella,"

with Nancy Youngblut

"Buh-Bye, Grover's Corners"

A sampling of the short films made during the pandemic lockdown of 2020. For others, go to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCts7cG3EiUMgqJsLPgSuTLw

"Life During Lockdown #58, "Storming the Capital, and other Innocent Pursuits."

BUTTERPOTTS PLAYERS PRESENT: Wherein, sometime during lockdown,  I ran out of stories to tell with humans and start to work with marionettes.   


Episode #28, " Greta and Gunnar,"  With Kiff VandenHeuvel

Episode #33, "Vixen vs. Vixen", with

Jean Smart and Richard Gilliland

Winner: Bronze Trophy, 2021 Int'l Telly Awards

Winner: Best Ensemble, Festigious Int'l Fest

Winner: Best Original Story, Festigious Int'l Film Fest

Official Selection: LA Film Awards 2020

Official Selection: Indie Short Fest 2020

WINNER: GOLD TELLY AWARD -- Best Remote Production Online, 2022

Winner: Best Sci Fi, Festigious Int'l Film Fest

Winner: Top Shorts (Barry Heins, Best Indie Filmmaker)

Honorable Mention:  Best Indie Film, LA Film Awards

Winner: Best Actress in an Indie Film, (Olivia Castanho) LA Film Awards