WINNER: GOLD TELLY AWARD -- Best Remote Production Online, 2022

Winner: Best Sci Fi, Festigious Int'l Film Fest

Winner: Top Shorts (Barry Heins, Best Indie Filmmaker)

Honorable Mention:  Best Indie Film, LA Film Awards

Winner: Best Actress in an Indie Film, (Olivia Castanho) LA Film Awards

Aug 4, 2023, This film has just been nominated in the 8th Annual TOP SHORTS film festival for Best Sci-Fi! 

" Hey, Lysistrata!"

 "Marjo and Cruella"

"Buh-Bye, Grover's Corners"

A sampling of the short films made during the pandemic lockdown of 2020. For others, go to

Episode #30, "Searching for Greta"


Two commissioned works from Interact Theatre Company​,  Los Angeles, CA            HAVE WON BIG AWARDS!

#44, "The Rise of Stella,"

with Nancy Youngblut


"Brilliant, as usual.  Stringy, yet vibrant!"   Fred Sanders, astute critic.

Episode #33, "Vixen vs. Vixen", with

Jean Smart and Richard Gilliland

Episode #28, " Greta and Gunnar,"  With Kiff VandenHeuvel

BUTTERPOTTS PLAYERS PRESENT: Wherein, sometime during lockdown,  I ran out of stories to tell with humans and start to work with marionettes.   

"Life During Lockdown," #57, "FinCOVIDall!"

"Life During Lockdown #58, "Storming the Capital, and other Innocent Pursuits."

Winner: BRONZE TROPHY, 2021 Int'l Telly Awards

Winner: Best Ensemble, Festigious Int'l Fest

Winner: Best Original Story, Festigious Int'l Film Fest

Official Selection: LA Film Awards 2020

Official Selection: Indie Short Fest 2020